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ha ha ha our copy editor just quit and guess who gets her job

child I am babysitting: How do you get grownup teeth?

me: You lose your baby teeth

child I am babysitting: they fall out!?

me: they fall out

child I am babysitting: do you still have your baby eyes?


child I am babysitting: or did they fall out



me: you keep the same eyes all your life

child I am babysitting: *touches eyes* whoa


I had the pleasure of shooting at Noon Design Studio. They are a downtown Los Angeles based natural indigo dye house. Jane Palmer puts her heart and soul into the testing and process of dying fabrics and textiles with materials such as plants, vegetables, roots, barks, and mineral powders. Their space is amazingly beautiful with the stark white walls and indigo dyed floors.

i went to dance showcase last night and omg omg it was the most amazing, exhilarating production i’ve been to IN A WHILE—to the point where i didn’t have a thought in my head and my whole body was a heartbeat. it was SO powerful and strong and beautiful—even when the movement was gritty and low and mean, it was beautiful. i came home and thought about what it would be like to dance with that level of precision, of confidence.

and then i started thinking about sara lance (like you do), and i thought about how if arrow was telling a different story, it might talk about how sara and her sister used to dance together, when they were young. and it was fun! and then laurel maybe made pointe and got recruited by a company and started dancing with oliver queen, and sara wasn’t about to get left behind. but after a while the joy went out of it. and she would stand at the barre and do her exercises and wonder if there was something different and exciting left to learn. and then one day she skips class and goes walking around the city and she runs across a dance showcase. there’s a new choreographer in town: her name is nyssa. when sara sees nyssa move, when she sees the way nyssa slides and shivers and leaps to the beat, the way she’s not bound by tradition—sara thinks, maybe i can do that, too.

in other news, yeah, that arrow dance au is happening now, i’m trash.